When a government shutdown ends, a new round of layoffs will start in the newsroom

As the federal government shuts down, a slew of layoffs are expected to hit the newsrooms of a number of newspapers across the country.

On Monday, Fox News reported that it had laid off an “unprecedented” number of staff in its newsroom, with employees expected to leave on Monday as well.

The Los Angeles Times also laid off 10 employees, citing “increasing costs” for the news organization.

The Associated Press also laid down some staff in January, with most of the cuts being to its news staff.

The Wall Street Journal reported that its news department had laid its staff off last month, and that it expects to “have to cut back on some of its reporters in order to make ends meet.”

A slew of other news outlets have announced similar layoffs.

The AP reported that in January Fox News had cut about 1,000 jobs in its Chicago-based newsroom.

The Chicago Tribune reported that the New York Times had laid hundreds of employees off in April, citing a “decline in revenue and expenses” from a larger advertising business.

Reuters reported that CNN had to lay off about 200 employees in February.