How to buy a Samsung tablet and a Samsung Fire TV 2

Apple, Amazon, and Fire TV maker Samsung are preparing to announce an official tablet lineup later this month, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The person said the announcement will likely come at an event in New York City next week.

The company has been preparing for the announcement of its tablet lineups since March, when Apple unveiled the iPad Mini and Fire HD tablets.

The tablets are expected to be powered by a processor called the A9, which has been tweaked to run at 2.3GHz and has 4GB of RAM.

Amazon and Fire are also expected to announce a second tablet, the Fire TV 4, which would have a 10-inch screen and 4GB storage.

The second device would be the first to run Android.

Amazon and Fire initially said they were planning to unveil the tablets at an Apple event in April, but the company said in April that it would unveil its new Fire TV tablet on March 21.

AppleInsider previously reported that the tablets would launch in July.

The news comes as Apple is expected to unveil its next flagship product later this year, its next-generation iPad, which will feature a faster processor, new sensors, and more storage space.