How to handle fires in Japan: How to avoid being burned

The fire that swept through a Tokyo apartment building and damaged about half of the building’s building has been contained.

The fire was sparked by a battery in a refrigerator that sparked a fire in the apartment building, Tokyo Metropolitan Government spokesman Hiroshi Nakazawa said on Friday.

No injuries were reported.

The blaze started in a unit at a luxury condominium building, but spread quickly to other buildings, including an office building and apartment complex, and forced evacuations, officials said.

No one was hurt in the blaze.

Tokyo’s mayor said about 4,000 residents were ordered to leave.

About 1,000 remained.

About 1,800 firefighters were working to extinguish the flames, according to a ministry official.

The evacuation orders were issued Friday morning at the condominium complex.

A large firefighting unit, called a hibachi, was also sent to the building.

The smoke from the fire had been detected by several surveillance cameras at the apartment complex.

The smoke billowed over the city.

Nakazawa did not specify how many people had been evacuated.

The city of 2 million has about 500,000 people, mostly elderly people, living in apartments, villas and small homes.

The building has about 1,300 residents, Nakazawas office said.