How to spot fire pits at the Cal Fire

Cal Fire spokesperson Ashwin Kumar says the fire pit was a good idea, but that it should have been more efficient.

“What we’re saying is, how did the fire escape system work?

What did it look like?

Why did it have to be on a firepit?” he said.”

So we’ve looked at the equipment, the lighting, the fire-retardant system.

The problem with fire pits is that they are easy to spot. “

We can’t go back to using fire pits.”

The problem with fire pits is that they are easy to spot.

They’re usually on the edge of a forested area, or near the edge or a highway.

So it’s easy to see the location of fire pits, and therefore the location and size of fires.

The Cal Fire is in the process of demolishing the fire pits that were used at Cameron Peak.

The demolition was completed earlier this year, and the site is now being used for a training centre.

The fire pits are located on the site of the former Cal Fire fire station.

In a statement, Cal Fire said: “The Cal fire was built on a very large site and was operated for almost three decades before the site was demolished.”

The company said it would make changes to its fire-detection equipment to reduce its use of fire-suppression equipment.

“Cal Fire is also developing a new fire-fighting equipment to enhance our ability to deal with fires and provide fire safety to our residents,” it said.