Fire TV cube is launching next month, Amazon says

The Amazon Fire TV Cube will be launching on February 22, Amazon said today.

Amazon’s Fire TV line of devices is a combination of a television set, remote control and a smartphone.

Amazon also sells the Fire TV Stick, which includes a remote control.

Amazon’s Fire tv cube will cost $50.99 and includes a Fire TV remote, Fire TV app, HDMI cable and a wireless charger.

It’s available on Amazon and will be available to pre-order on February 19.

Fire TV sticks will be sold separately.

The Fire TV 8S is also on sale for $50, while the Fire Pro sticks will start at $80.

Amazon plans to offer a number of different accessories to its Fire TV sets, but Amazon is calling for customers to go with the basic Fire TV set as a “starter kit” to get the best of both worlds.