How fire gutted Amazon warehouse in South Australia

A fire gutters the back of a warehouse in Adelaide’s inner west.

It destroyed a gas generator and left an empty lot.

But fire officials said they didn’t expect the fire to spread to the warehouse.

A spokesperson for South Australia Fire Service said the blaze started at the rear of the warehouse on Sunday morning.

“The cause of the fire is under investigation,” said South Australian Fire Service Acting Chief Superintendent Andy Brown.

“We are not at this stage of the investigation at this point in time.”

A fire crew extinguishes a fire at the back entrance of the Amazon warehouse, in Adelaide.

In a statement, Amazon said it was working with South Australian authorities and fire officials to assist in the investigation.

The warehouse fire damaged a gas engine and left a vacant lot.

ABC Rural’s Josh Green says the fire could affect millions of customers in the Adelaide region.

“The fire in the back area of the building is now completely out and all of the power is back on and all the smoke and the fire smoke has gone out of the area,” he said.

A spokesperson for the South Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources said the fire was not currently threatening any other buildings in the warehouse and it was expected to be contained within the next 24 hours.

Amazon has a large warehouse facility in South Adelaide.

Firefighters and firefighters are still battling the blaze in Adelaide, with more than 70 firefighters battling the fire in a remote area.