How to handle a little fire on your skates

A little fire in your skate?

Don’t panic!

Here are some tips to help you protect your equipment from it.1.

Keep it away from your body2.

Protect the surface of your skated equipment with a foam pad or soft cloth.3.

Avoid getting your hands into the air and onto the equipment.4.

If you notice a little burning, don’t panic.

Put the skates in a bucket of water to stop it burning.5.

Put some protective gloves on your hands and forearms.6.

If the burning is very severe, take off your gloves and run to the nearest medical facility.7.

Avoid putting your hands in the fire.

This can be very dangerous.8.

Get help quickly if your skating equipment starts to burn.

If it starts to smell, get your hands cleaned.9.

Keep your gloves handy.

Make sure they’re free of the oils and debris that could cause burns.10.

When you see the fire, put your skaters gear in a separate container and call 911.11.

Always wear protective gloves and cover your eyes when you’re skating.12.

Avoid running into anything that could burn your skater equipment.13.

Keep an eye on the equipment, make sure there’s no smoke or fire.14.

Always keep your skatethis skates out of the water.15.

If your skats get caught on a piece of wood, put them in the dryer.16.

Avoid touching anything on the ice.17.

Never try to push your skations on the snow or on ice that has melted.18.

If a small fire starts in your equipment, you need to call an emergency contact number.

The NHL is committed to providing the most up-to-date information on the safety of its players and fans, including player safety and the NHL’s safety protocols.