Why is a woman in a bikini in Chicago?

Posted June 30, 2018 03:15:06In a new series of video uploaded to social media, a man is seen naked with his crotch exposed while on a bike ride in the Bay Area.

The man was seen riding his bike on a parkway in downtown Oakland on June 30 and then riding through a red light and into the intersection of Wacker Drive and Sutter Avenue, according to an account on the popular social media site.

The woman, dressed in a blue bikini and holding a bag on her shoulder, was wearing a white top with the word “FEMALE” written on it, according the account.

It is unclear if the woman was wearing the same bikini the man was riding in.

Police were called to the intersection and determined that the man, who had his pants down, had violated the law by riding his bicycle naked.

The man was then cited for indecent exposure and given a warning, according police.

The incident is being investigated by the city of Oakland’s Office of Public Safety and the Oakland Fire Department, according Bay Area News Group.