Why did the fire in the Bond fire pit disappear?

A series of mysterious fires at a suburban Sydney fire pit have left a thick ash cloud on the roof of a nearby building, with police investigating a potential breach of fire safety laws.

Key points:Police are now investigating what happened at the Bond Fire pit, which has been closed since July1,000 litres of ash was dumped on the ground and police have been unable to access the building where the fire beganThe fire at the fire pit is the second in two weeks in Bond, which is home to Bond City Council and the Victorian Government’s biggest department store.

It was also the site of a fatal fire in December, which killed a young woman who had been there since 2013.

“The fire was very, very sudden,” Acting Fire Commissioner Craig Thompson told reporters at the time.

“It was the sort of thing that could have easily been prevented.”

Police have confirmed that an investigation has been launched into what caused the fire, which was reported on July 8.

The Bond firepit is the site where a fire broke out on July 11, 2017.

The investigation into the cause of the fire is being led by the Australian Bureau of Fire and Rescue (ABFRA), which is responsible for fire safety in Australia.

“At this stage, we don’t have any information to suggest it is a criminal incident,” Mr Thompson said.

“We’ve had no reports of the building collapsing or anyone being injured.”

However, we are taking a look at whether there are any breaches of fire and emergency codes.

“Firefighters are still working to clear the ash cloud from the roof, but there is no sign of anyone being trapped inside.”

Fire officials said they were investigating the cause.”

If there are people trapped in there, then it would be difficult to get them out.”

Fire officials said they were investigating the cause.