The biggest fire in Idaho has been burning for three days, but it’s not going to be over until the state’s water system is safe

An active wildfire in northwest Idaho has forced the closure of the entire water system in the region and sent hundreds of residents scrambling to seek safe drinking water, the state says.

The fire, which broke out on Saturday morning, burned through the entire state of Idaho, leaving more than a quarter million gallons of water unusable.

A spokesperson for the governor’s office says officials are looking into the cause of the fire, and that a formal announcement is expected soon.

The fire started Saturday afternoon and spread through the region, eventually coming to a stop near the town of Cheyenne.

Officials with the state of Utah said Sunday that a water main break caused the fire to burn out.

Officials in Utah said they are still investigating how long the water was unsafe for residents to use.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.