A wildfire has destroyed a manor house in Northern Ireland’s Derry region, but the owners are left with no clue who is responsible.

A manor in Derry, Northern Ireland, has been destroyed by a wildfire.

The blaze erupted overnight on Tuesday, setting fire to a home, but no one was injured.

It is unclear who was at the home when the fire broke out.

“The owners are very distressed and have no idea who is behind this fire,” said fire services spokesperson John O’Shea.

“We have no clue how it got there, we do not have a suspect or a motive.”

O’Shaillagh said police are trying to establish the identity of the manor’s owner, who is believed to be in her 70s.

“They are obviously very distressed by this, it’s been a very hard couple of days for them,” he said.

“She has been in the house since last Thursday and it’s just unbelievable that it’s gone through a fire so fast.”

Residents are trying their best to stay inside as a team of investigators continues to investigate.

Residents said they were told the blaze started overnight and spread rapidly.

“It was a bit like a forest fire,” one resident said.

Residents of Derry said the fire destroyed several properties, but did not cause any property damage.

They have received a total of $1.2 million for the damage caused by the blaze.