Which camp fires should be extinguished?

The IDF announced Tuesday that it will set up a camp fire extinguishing service to extinguish campfires at the Israel Defense Forces’ (IDF) Camps 4 and 5 in the northern Negev Desert.

The camp fire service is a joint venture between the IDF and the Israel Fire Administration (IFA), which has provided a set of guidelines for its operation.

The IDF said that it is not responsible for the safety of the residents of the camp and that the service will operate according to the guidelines set forth by the IFA.

According to the IDF, the service aims to provide safe and effective fire extinguishers to the camp residents and will provide them with basic emergency training and supplies.

The service is expected to start operating by the end of September, the IDF said.

The service will be provided to all IDF service members in the Negeq and surrounding areas.