How to protect yourself against the brush fire in northern Michigan

When it’s a brush fire, you don’t need a huge amount of protection from the sun.

And when you do need a lot of protection, you can’t rely on your car.

“I’m pretty sure it’s like 20 degrees in the car, it’s freezing outside,” said Chris Pincher, who lives in the small community of Shadyside.

The brush fire started near Shadysides home.

“The wind is blowing through the brush, and it’s getting hotter and hotter and we’re just hoping the weather will keep going, we don’t want to lose anything in this fire, but we’re going to have to move quickly,” Pinchers wife said.

The fire is burning near the town of Shadydale, in the northern part of Michigan.

Pincheres fire truck is driving to the fire and then heading to Shadysidah where there are a few homes in the area.

“We’re not moving out yet,” said Pinchere.

“It’s not a big deal.

The road is closed and it doesn’t really affect us.”

Firefighters are taking heat from the wind as they drive through the area trying to contain the fire.

“You know, we can’t see the ground, but there are trees down, trees on the road, so it’s kind of like a ghost town, you know, like nothing’s happening,” said Sgt. Scott Haggerty.

The wind blowing through this area has gotten the firefighters hot.

“When the wind gets strong enough, you get really hot and your hands are just shaking and you can hear them getting cold.

So, it does make it a little difficult to put a lot into a small vehicle,” Sgt. Hagger, said.

“But we’re doing our best,” said Hagger.

The Shadysite town is located about 40 miles south of Ann Arbor.

The wildfire has burned about 400 acres and is expected to continue to burn for days.