Amazon warehouse fire: Amazon says it has no impact on its e-commerce platform

Amazon is still under the cloud and unable to communicate with customers via the web or mobile, but it’s still trying to keep them informed about what’s happening in its online and physical stores.

In a blog post published late Wednesday night, the company said it’s working on “new solutions” for the Amazon warehouse fires, which have been reported by a number of news outlets.

“We are working to restore power, but as a precaution, Amazon will be closing all of our online stores and websites until further notice,” the post read.

“If you are impacted by this event, we encourage you to contact Amazon Customer Service.”

The announcement came a day after a fire at an Amazon warehouse in California killed nine people, including two firefighters.

At the time, Amazon said it was working on a new approach for dealing with the fire and would update customers when it had completed those improvements.

Amazon is also facing backlash over a decision to fire some of its warehouses, including warehouses in California, in the wake of the California fires.

The company announced late last week that it would not reopen its warehouses until it could assess the damage and determine whether there were additional causes of the fires.