How to be a Super Bowl champ

The NFL is hoping that the Super Bowl, which kicks off Thursday night, will boost ratings for the league’s most popular game.

“I think the Super-Bowl is the best way for the NFL to build on its great momentum,” Commissioner Roger Goodell said in an interview with NBC Sports.

The Super Bowl is held in January, and the league has been trying to lure more viewers for years, especially for its signature Sunday Night Football game.

A recent survey found that 83% of viewers had a positive opinion of the NFL, which is up from 71% last year.

“It’s been great for the game,” Goodell said.

The NFL has already been trying out the Superbowl format for several years, with some teams including the Philadelphia Eagles and Atlanta Falcons.

It will be the first time since the 1996 game that the NFL has held its game in January.

“We’re not doing it because we’re bored with it, because we want to get a lot of ratings.

We want to build a lot more interest in the game, and a lot higher than we did at the end of last year,” Goodell added.

The ratings boost will likely come at a cost.

The game will be televised live on NBC, which could hurt ratings in some markets.

NBC is owned by Comcast, which also owns the NFL Network.

NBC Sports Group, which owns NBCSN, will be a part of the broadcast, which will be held on the same network that airs the NFL’s other marquee games, including the Superdome.

NBC, meanwhile, is trying to keep the NFL in the heart of the summer schedule by airing the league on its flagship network, NBC.

“This is the only way to do it, and this is the way to get the most of the season.

This is the perfect way to build the fan base,” Goodell told NBC.

The league is hoping for an additional boost of $5.5 billion in the 2018-19 budget, with an additional $1 billion for the first season.

The budget includes $4 billion for NFL Network, and $2.4 billion in additional investment for the stadium renovations.

Goodell noted that the stadium renovation was necessary because of the recent cold weather and the stadium was only 20% ready for Super Bowls.

“You’re going to have a lot to live up to in this next 10 months, so we’re not going to let it slide,” Goodell promised.