What to know about the Christmas Fire: What to do in case of a Christmas Farm Fire

A Christmas Fire in the UK could become a full-blown emergency, the Met Office has warned. 

The Met Office’s emergency response team warned that Christmas Day could see “potential significant increases in the number of cases of fire” due to a lack of rain.

The National Fire Authority has already warned of potential “severe” fire risks in some areas of the country.

The Met Office is currently advising that it is not possible to predict a Christmas Day fire for the whole of the UK. 

Firefighters are urging people to take steps to reduce the risk of fire. 

“The risks are increasing as the temperature and humidity increase,” said a Met Office spokesman.

“We urge people to keep their windows and doors closed and to leave windows and door openings wide.” 

A Christmas Fire is a type of bushfire which is usually triggered by a forest fire or a blazes at a roadside or roadside site.

A tree may start a fire, but the blaze will then spread from the tree to the surrounding area, creating a forest blaze. 

It is a serious fire hazard for people, animals and vehicles and can last for up to two days.

Firefighters have been working to contain the blaze, but it has so far left a number of homes and businesses damaged.

The fire has been blamed for more than 400 deaths across England and Wales.