The new Fire Hydrant exercise

By David Dutton, Guardian staff writerFire hydrant exercises are great for building a stronger immune system and for reducing your stress levels. But you may want to look at how they’re also a great way to get fit. And there are loads of exercise options you can choose from. In this exercise, you’ll be climbing a fire hydrant, […]

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What are the real reasons for the suicide of a police officer in Delhi?

An officer in the Delhi Police was killed by a man outside the city police station on Saturday morning.The victim was identified as Dharamshala police constable Ramkumar.Sources say the man had threatened the constable and his family before the attack.Police sources said the constables mother and father were present when the attack took place.Police said […]

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How to deal with the new rules in football

The Football Association has introduced new rules to limit the amount of football that can be played during the winter holidays and in other areas.It has also introduced a “fire pit” in all stadiums.The fire pit can only be used on cold nights, which will only be open during the evening.There is also an “emergency” […]

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Which trees burned hardest: the trees or the fires?

California wildfires are burning in a record-setting fashion and the weather is setting up to be one of the most severe in decades.Some experts have said that a fire this bad could affect millions of people in the region, including the people of Yosemite.But what happens to the trees that burn?We decided to ask experts […]

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Which camp fires should be extinguished?

The IDF announced Tuesday that it will set up a camp fire extinguishing service to extinguish campfires at the Israel Defense Forces’ (IDF) Camps 4 and 5 in the northern Negev Desert.The camp fire service is a joint venture between the IDF and the Israel Fire Administration (IFA), which has provided a set of guidelines […]

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