Which camp fires should be extinguished?

The IDF announced Tuesday that it will set up a camp fire extinguishing service to extinguish campfires at the Israel Defense Forces’ (IDF) Camps 4 and 5 in the northern Negev Desert.The camp fire service is a joint venture between the IDF and the Israel Fire Administration (IFA), which has provided a set of guidelines […]

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How to save your life in a wildfire

The weather has been good, and the fires have been raging for a few days now.But if you’re worried about what could happen to you, or even just the danger of getting caught in the flames, you can still do something.Here are six simple tips for staying safe.1.Don’t go outside in the open 2.Use your […]

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How to keep your pets safe from wildfires

As the wildfires in Oregon and California continue to rage across the US, pets are in the crosshairs of the fires, too.The state is in the midst of a major drought that has forced many to ration water and cut back on food.A number of states are experiencing a new wave of wildfires, with more […]

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Cal Fire Map | Fire Pit Kit | Fire Pits

The Cal Fire map is an online tool that shows you the locations of the fires burning in your region.The map shows the locations and conditions of the wildfires that have already burned across the state.Cal Fire also publishes fire conditions reports that are updated regularly.Cal Fire has the most active fires in the state, […]

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Which is the best fire pit for your backyard?

Diy fire pits are one of the easiest fire pits to put out in the backyard.They are relatively simple to set up, have an air vent that can be raised or lowered, and come with an optional heat shield.The only downside is that they require some special tools, but that is why they are popular […]

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Fire Red 5s: 5 best phones for you and your friends

5.iPhone 6s: I like it.It’s the best smartphone you can get, but the 6s is not the best phone.But the best thing about the 6 is that it has some very powerful features, like a large 5.5-inch Retina display and the ability to make calls, read text messages, and send and receive photos.The 6s doesn’t […]

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